The Wek’eezhii Land and Water Board (WLWB) is mandated to regulate the use of land and waters and the deposit of waste so as to provide for the conservation, development, and utilization of land and water resources in a manner that will provide the optimum benefit generally for all Canadians and in particular for residents of its management area. For example, the WLWB issues Water Licences for Mining and Milling within the Wek’eezhii Resource Management Area.

Mining can be defined as the science, technique, and business of discovering, extracting, and exploiting valuable minerals. Milling refers to the act of grinding or crushing ore – the rock that contains valuable minerals.

The Wek’eezhii region hosts rocks that are rich with mineral potential. This area lays claim to the first two diamond mines in Canada, and continues to be a targeted region for ongoing mineral exploration. To ensure that mineral exploration and exploitation is conducted in the best possible manner, the WLWB, through the issuance of water licence requirements, regulates terms and conditions of water use and waste deposition.

The WLWB supports a mining industry that meets the demands of a triple bottom line; one that considers financial, social, and environmental capital. Innovation and collaboration are important elements of this goal. The WLWB places emphasis on the importance of building relationships and encourages the participation from industry, governments, NGOs, community members, and other stakeholders to tackle the questions of how to best manage the water resources that are subject to impact by mining endeavors within the Wek’eezhii management area.

Important mining topics that the WLWB tackle on a day-to-day basis include, but are not limited to:

  • Waste rock and tailings management plans,
  • Effluent Quality Criteria (EQC),
  • Water Management Plans,
  • Aquatic Effects Monitoring Programs,
  • Closure and reclamation of mine sites,
  • Adaptive Management Plans, and
  • Cumulative Impacts.

Please see our online registry to learn more about the mining projects we regulate.