Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Ltd. - W2021D0005

This Permit entitles the Permittee to conduct the following land-use operation:a) construction of the Point Lake access road;b) operation and maintenance of the Lac du Sauvage road (formerly Jay road);c) construction of caribou crossings on Lac du Sauvage road;d) establishment of dewatering infrastructure;e) construction of a utility pad and field office;f) construction of an erosion-resistant boulder field in Lac du Sauvage;g) dewatering and fish-out of Point Lake;h) extraction of waste rock and kimberlite ore from the Point Lake Pit;i) construction of waste rock storage areas and overburden stockpile;j) construction and operation of supporting and water management infrastructure;k) storage of fuels;l) use of machinery and equipment to support operations; andm) closure and reclamation of project components.

Mining Activities for the Point Lake Project.


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