• The Land and Water Boards have received the NWT Supreme Court’s injunction decision, halting the implementation of a restructured land and water Board in the Mackenzie Valley. The LWB’s will continue to operate in accordance with the existing legislation. Staff remain in place in all existing Board locations, and clients will see no interruption to proceedings as a result of the ruling.


  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Plans for Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment and Solid Waste Facilities in NWT Communities are required under the Municipal Water Licencing process.  These O&M Plans ensure proper management of these facilities and minimize environmental impacts from their respective operations.

    The MVLWB, MACA and ENR have collaborated to develop templates for Operation and Maintenance Plans for Municipal Water Licences.  These documents have been created in a fillable, user-friendly format in order to reduce the work-load on communities to complete these plans.  These documents will ultimately be used by community staff and/or their consultants. Please note that these are not meant to replace already existing O&M plans that community governments have completed. These were developed to assist with older facilities that do not have operations and maintenance plans and to provide some guidance to communities and consultants when developing O&M plans for new sewage and solid waste sites.

    Please click here to access the Item for Review on the Online Review System

  • The Land and Water Boards of the Mackenzie Valley are pleased to announce that our Engagement Guidelines for Applicants and Holders of Water Licences and Land Use Permits have been updated to improve clarity for applicants and other parties with respect to requirements for pre-application engagement. Please view the document here which can also be found under the ‘Resources’ tab along with the Boards’ other policies and guidelines.

  • The Board is pleased to release the backgrounder on how Tailings Dams are regulated and monitored in the Mackenzie Valley.  For more information please contact Patty Ewaschuk, Technical Advisor via email:

  • In response to the Federal Government’s Action Plan on the Northern Regulatory System, the Land and Water Boards of the Mackenzie Valley have prepared a position paper on this important issue.

  • These guidelines were prepared by WLWB staff and our technical consultants from Ecometrix Inc. and Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd.  We are requesting comments from all parties on these very important DRAFT guidelines by December 6th, 2010.  WLWB staff are available to meet with parties to discuss or clarify the guideline contents prior to the comment due date.  Please call Kathy Racher to arrange an appointment at 669-9591.