Rover Metals Corp. - W2018C0002

This Permit entitles the Rover Metals Corp. to conduct the following land-use operation:a) establishment of a campsite;b) storage of fuel;c) use of vehicles and machines;d) mineral exploration including diamond and RC drilling;e) trenching; andf) construction, use, and maintenance of winter roads and access trails.The Project is for Mineral Exploration and is located in the Cabin Lake Property, Camp Lake Property, and Slemon Lake Property, NT.


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6. Management Plans
Spill - Contingency - Emergency Response
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W2018C0002 - Rover Metals - SCP V1.1, WMP V1.1, and EP V1.1 - Board Directive - Sep 27_18.pdf (96.64 KB) September 27, 2018 September 27, 2018
W2018C0002 - Rover Metals - Spill Contingency Plan - Version 1.1 - Aug 28_18.pdf (547.61 KB) August 28, 2018 August 30, 2018