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Current Authorizations

The following link provides a map of the Current Authorizations managed by the Land and Water Boards of the Mackenzie Valley Land; the GLWB, SLWB, WLWB, and MVLWB. Active authorizations are Water Licences and/or Land Use Permits with ongoing activities, and expired authorizations are awaiting inspection, file closure, final plans, and a letter of clearance.

Base Maps*

The following maps were created to support the regulatory review process. 

NWT Land Information Related to Indigenous Groups 

Mineral Tenure

  • Indicates mineral tenure(s) including mineral claims, mineral leases, prospecting permits, and coal exploration licences in the NWT.

National Topographic System (NTS) Map Sheet

  • Indicates the topographic map sheet number for the Northwest Territories.

Federally Managed Lands

  • Indicates surface and/or subsurface rights held by the Government of Canada on lands in the NWT.

Private Lands

  • Indicates settlement and/or private lands in the NWT.

Interim Land Withdrawal

  • Indicates areas where GNWT is prohibited from disposing of the land. 

Territorial Land (ATLAS)

  • The GNWT's ATLAS Community Maps providing features such as parcel information, structures, elevation etc. 

Northern Oil and Gas Interactive Map

  • INAC's interactive map showing current titles (e.g. Exploration Licence, Significant Discovery Licence, Production Licence, etc. 

Inventory of Landscape Change Map Viewer

  • GNWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (CIMP)'s inventory of disturbances and other changes on the landscape

There are poster sized maps (.pdf) and/or interactive web maps versions when available

Tłı̨chǫ Agreement Boundaries

This map reflects the Tłı̨chǫ Agreement Boundaries for the WLWB.

Land Use Planning

The Sahtu Land Use Planning Board has prepared a web map of the Sahtu Settlement Area (SSA) and its zoning or land use designations.

The Gwich'in Land Use Planning Board has prepared a web map of the Gwich’in Settlement Area (GSA) and its zoning or land use designations.

Oil & Gas Activity

The SLWB has developed a series of maps related to the oil and gas exploration in the Sahtu Settlement Area for public information on past and current activities. These maps will be updated yearly to reflect the levels of exploration development on each land parcel.

Quarrying Activity (under review)

This map demonstrates the quarrying activities managed by the Land and Water Boards of Mackenzie Valley in the NWT. 


    *These maps are for illustrative purposes only. They are not legal documents, and should not be treated as such. When using these maps, the user should follow these conditions.