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Access to Information Requests

The Wek’èezhìi Land and Water Board (WLWB) is an independent, public board funded by the Federal Government, and its governing legislation is the Tłı̨chǫ Land Claims and Self Government Agreement, and the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act (MVRMA). The WLWB is not subject to federal reporting due to the self-government provisions in the Tłı̨chǫ Agreement. For the purposes of transparency, however, members of the public may submit requests directly to the ATIP Coordinator

Access to Information Requests Received

  • Year 2022 - Nothing to report.
  • Year 2021 - Nothing to report. 
  • Year 2020 - Nothing to report. 
  • Year 2019 - Nothing to report.
  • Year: 2018 - Nothing to report. 
  • Year: 2017 - Nothing to report.

Introduction to Info Source Chapter:

The Info Source Chapter is a requirement of all public institutions, and serves to communicate the purpose and function of each organization to the general public. The WLWB, as a public institution, provides the following information on the organization’s activities, structure and role as a public institution, and updates the Chapter annually. 

Updated: 2021-12-15