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The report for the Resource Co-management in the Mackenzie Valley Workshop, that took place in February 2020, has now been released. To read the report, click the attachment below.

Resource Co-management in the Mackenzie Valley Workshop 2020 Report 

The WLWB received Diavik Diamond Mines (2012) Inc.’s (DDMI’s) response to Interventions on the A21 Underground Mining Proceeding. Since no requests to appear and make representations at the hearing were received, DDMI has consented to the disposition of the matter without a public hearing. Therefore, the public hearing scheduled by the Board for May 13, 2020 has now been cancelled under subsection 41(3) of the Waters Act. 


The Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board has released their Perspectives Paper on Evolving Impact Assessment in the Mackenzie Valley and Beyond. This paper provides their perspective on key themes in environmental impact assessment, considering emerging practices in the Mackenzie Valley and across Canada. You can access it here

GNWT-ENR has issued a letter to all holders of water licences in the NWT regarding their compliance and enforcement strategy during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Any questions about this should be directed to Brett Elkin, A/ADM Operations.

The Land and Water Boards of the Mackenzie Valley (LWBs) are pleased to announce the release of the Standard Water Licence Conditions Template. This Template will be used during the review and approval process for new licences, renewals and amendments (including amendments initiated by the licensee, the LWBs, or as part of an assignment process). Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of all the conditions that may be included in licences issued by the Boards, and not all conditions will be included in all licences.

In light of the rapidly changing situation regarding the risks of transmission of COVID-19 in the NWT, the Land and Water Boards of the Mackenzie Valley (GLWB, SLWB, WLWB, MVLWB) are taking a proactive approach to limit the possible spread of the virus by closing its offices to the public, effective March 19, 2020.

Coming up March 3, 2020 at 8:30 am, the Wek'èezhìı Land and Water Board will be hosting a Technical Session for Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. (DDMI) Water Licence (W2015L2-001) Amendment Application to allow for underground mining of the A21 Kimberlite pipe. The session will be held at the Explorer Hotel in Yellowknife, in Kat D and E. This session is intended for Parties engaged in the process to meet and discuss questions or concerns with DDMI and their consultants directly. For further details, see the attached agenda.


Thank you for your recent participation at the Resource Co-management in the Mackenzie Valley Workshop 2020 held at the Explorer Hotel in Yellowknife.  We invite you to share your thoughts on the workshop, please follow the link to enter our survey.  This will help us greatly in organizing future workshops.

MVRMA Agenda and PPTs