Nighthawk Gold Corp. - W2018L2-0002

(This Licence was previously Licensed under Licence W2010L1-0002).This Licence entitles Nighthawk Gold Corp. to use water and dispose of Waste for the purpose of mineral exploration in the Colomac Mine site in the mid-central Northwest Territories. This undertaking is described in the Complete Application and includes the following:i. advanced mineral exploration, including use of water and deposit of waste for a camp occupied by more than 50 persons and use of water for drilling;iii. use and storage of explosives for trenching and bulk sampling if required;iv. construction, operation, and maintenance of winter roads and spur roads; andv. use and storage of fuel.The Project is for Water Use and Waste Disposal for Mineral Exploration and is located in the Colomac Mine Site, NT.


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6. Management Plans