Nighthawk Gold Corp. - W2018L2-0003

(This Licence was previously Licensed under Licence W2010L1-0002).This Licence entitles Nighthawk Gold Corp. to use water and dispose of Waste for the purpose of mineral exploration and closure and reclamation in the mid-central Northwest Territories. This undertaking is described in the Complete Application and includes the following:i. advanced mineral exploration, including the use of satellite camps occupied by up to 15 persons and use of water for drilling.ii. maintenance, reclamation, and closure, including management of waste rock, ore, and underground portal, and any associated Seepage or discharge of water;iii. use and storage of explosives for trenching and bulk sampling if required;iv. construction, operation, and maintenance of winter roads and spur roads; andv. use and storage of fuel.The Project is for Industrial - Water Use and Waste Disposal and is located at Damoti Lake, Spider Lake, Diversified Mine, and areas surrounding Colomac Mine Site, NT.


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