CIRNAC-CARD - W2020X0005

​This Permit entitles the Permittee to conduct the following land-use operation associated with theRayrock Remediation Project in the area as described in the Type A Land Use Permit Applicationsubmitted September 21, 2020:

a)Removal and shipping or burial of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in the Confined DisposalFacility; maintenance of Tailings Containment Areas and Decommissioned Waste Dump; ShermanLake dock expansion; repairs to caps for Tailings Containment Areas and decommissioned WasteDump, incineration or stockpiling for off-site disposal of waste from Camp operations; closure ofRayrock vent raises and Sun Rose mine shaft; capping waste rock and exploration workings at SunRose site; backfilling of trenches and blasted areas at Horn Plateau – REX Showing site; cappingexploration workings at Horn Plateau – REX Showing site; burial or trucking out of soil withhazardous chemicals from exploration sites; removal of hazardous waste at barge landing andpower line sites; removal of non-hazardous waste from exploration sites; excavation and on-sitedisposal of spilled tailings; brush and vegetation clearing for access roads; access roaddevelopment and maintenance; camp establishment at Rayrock and Sun Rose sites; treatmentand encapsulation of Mill Lake sediments; encapsulation of soil, tailings, and waste rock inConfined Disposal Facility; burial of radiological-impacted debris in Confined Disposal Facility; off-site disposal of debris and materials within safe shipping limits for Uranium;b)Use of vehicles and/or machines;c)Storage of fuel;d)Use of self-propelled motorized machines for moving or clearing land;e)Blasting, drilling, and quarrying;f)Storage and use of explosives;g)Construction and maintenance of a winter road connecting the Rayrock site to winter roadalignments with crossings at either the Emile (north of Wekweètı/Gamètı junction) or the Marianriver;h)Construction and maintenance of a winter road connecting to the Sun Rose site;i)Pioneer site roads and trails;j)Establishment of a camp; andk)Remediation activities as outlined in the approved Remedial Action Plan.

Remedial Action Plan and Specification Development for the Rayrock Former Uranium Mine, the former Sun Rose Advanced ExplorationSite and affiliated sites (Rayrock Remediation Project).


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