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Land and Water Boards Provide Update on Engagement Guidelines Revision

The Land and Water Boards of the Mackenzie Valley (LWBs) wish to inform the public of the status of the update to the LWBs’ Engagement Guidelines for Applicants and Holders of Water Licences and Land Use Permits (the Guidelines).

In the fall 2019, the LWBs started a process to update the LWB Engagement and Consultation Policy (the Policy). Given that the original release of both the Policy and the Guidelines was almost a decade ago, the LWBs began a comprehensive and engaging process to update these important guidance documents. An updated Policy was implemented in January 2023. The LWBs then notified all parties that a process to update the Guidelines was beginning. A public workshop was scheduled in May 2023, but had to be cancelled due to several communities evacuating because of wildfire. 

The LWBs invite parties to provide recommendations for the LWBs’ consideration at any time during this update process. The LWBs will provide specific opportunities for all parties to offer formal input into the update of the Guidelines, including the Engagement Contact List in Appendix C and how the LWBs can best ensure that up-to-date contact information is maintained and available for all parties. The LWBs will notify all parties of these opportunities as the update process is further developed, including the potential rescheduling of the public workshop. 

In the interim, the LWBs wish to emphasize that the Guidelines, including Appendix C, are meant to be used as a starting point and guide, but during engagement, it is essential that the objectives of the Policy are met, including identifying and engaging all potentially affected parties, whether or not they are listed in Appendix C of the Guidelines.

Please see the full letter here