CIRNAC-CARD - W2020L8-0003

This Licence entitles the Licensee to use Water and deposit Waste for remediation activities at the Rayrock Remediation Project in the area as described in the Type A Water Licence Application submitted September 21, 2020. The scope of this Licence includes the following:

a) Blasting, quarrying, and drilling activities for remediation activities; removal andshipping or burial of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in the ConfinedDisposal Facility; maintenance of Tailings Containment Areas andDecommissioned Waste Dump; Sherman Lake dock expansion; repairs to capsfor Tailings Containment Areas and decommissioned Waste Dump, incinerationor stockpiling for off-site disposal of waste from Camp operations; closure ofRayrock vent raises and Sun Rose mine shaft; capping waste rock andexploration workings at Sun Rose site; backfilling of trenches and blasted areasat Horn Plateau – REX Showing site; capping exploration workings at HornPlateau – REX Showing site; burial or trucking out of soil with hazardouschemicals from exploration sites; removal of hazardous waste at barge landingand power line sites; removal of non-hazardous waste from exploration sites;storage and use of explosives; excavation and on-site disposal of spilled tailings;brush and vegetation clearing for access roads; access road development andmaintenance; camp establishment at Rayrock and Sun Rose sites; use andregrading of quarry areas; fuel storage for operations; use of light and heavyequipment on site; treatment and encapsulation of Mill Lake sediments;encapsulation of soil, tailings, and waste rock in Confined Disposal Facility;burial of radiological-impacted debris in Confined Disposal Facility; off-sitedisposal of debris and materials within safe shipping limits for Uranium;removal and disposal of concrete foundations; sewage disposal; andremediation activities as approved in the Remedial Action Plan;b) Withdrawal of Water for use in camp operations, dust control, washing, winterroad construction, and remediation activities as approved in the RemedialAction Plan;c) Dewatering of Mill Lake to Waste Water Treatment Facility before deposit inSherman Lake,d) Depositing of Waste to Confined Disposal Facility and the Camp sump;e) Construction, operation, and maintenance of ice bridges to cross the EmileRiver or the Marian River;f) Construction, operation and maintenance of culverts to allow winter roadpassage;g) Construction, operation and maintenance of the Confined Disposal Facility andSun Main Waste Rock Cover; andh) Closure and Reclamation activities for the remediation and monitoring of theRayrock project sites.Rayrock Mine Remedial Action Plan (Rayrock Remediation Project).


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Rayrock - AEMP - Design Plan - Version 1.0 - Decision Letter and Reasons for Decision - Jul 5_22.pdf (764.79 KB) July 5, 2022 July 5, 2022
Rayrock - AEMP - Design Plan - V 1.0 - Feb 16_22.pdf (6.56 MB) February 16, 2022 March 8, 2022
Rayrock - AEMP - Design Plan - V 1.0 - Dec 18_20.pdf (17.01 MB) December 18, 2020 December 23, 2020
Rayrock - AEMP - Design Plan - V 1.0 - Appendix A - Dec 18_20.pdf (12 MB) December 18, 2020 December 23, 2020