Welcome Alex Nitsiza - New Board Member

 Alex Nitsiza

The Board and staff of the WLWB would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest Board Member, Alex Nitsiza. 

Alex Nitsiza has attained a wealth of experience in business and in economic development in the north, all of which he brings to his work as a Board Member of the WLWB. Alex has had a very distinguished working life and has been elected to many diversified community and regional positions. Currently, he serves on the municipal council of Whati, T.C.S.A. Board, and Trustee of Tlicho Capital Transfers Trust. For more than 20 years, Alex was the President of a successful family business in his home community of Whati. Prior to that, Alex held various finance positions with Government of the N.W.T. and the Federal Government of Canada.

The WLWB looks forward to his contributions to the Board.